Organic Picalilli

Organic Picalilli

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Handmade in Somerset
Prepared with delicious fresh ingredients.


Cider vinegar, runner beans,
cauliflower, courgettes, green
tomatoes, onions, sugar, salt*,
cornflour, mustard seed,
turmeric, cumin, coriander.

* Non Organic

Allergens listed in bold

total Sugar content 12g per 100g
prepared with Salt 3g per 100g

To echo authentic Indian recipes we
use mustard seeds in our piccalilli.

Crunchy freshly picked organic
vegetables are bathed in an
aromatic spicy sauce producing an
explosion of flavours.

Serve with cold buffets, salads, a
cheese board must have, and of
course with the odd curry.
Once opened keep refrigerated
and consume within 4 weeks.