Our Range of Supplements

Here are a few of our favourite supplement ranges.

We stock a large range, so do call in or call us if you can't see what you're looking for!

Optibac Probiotics

Optibac specialise in probiotics and most of their supplements are dairy and gluten free.

Moreover, we have tried them and they work!

Check out our latest offers in store.

Simplee Aloe Vera

We only stock organic and inner leaf aloe vera juice with no nasty preservatives, colourings or flavourings.

Want to know more about aloe?

Call in and talk to Helen.

Terra Nova Health

Terra Nova supplements are 100% plant-based and their ingredients are freeze-dried very soon after harvesting.

They contain no fillers or binding agents in the ingredients.

That's why we love them.

Ayurveda Pura

Wonderfully organic Ayurvedic range from London.

Translated, 'Chywanaprash' means 'Jam of Life'

This is an organic multi-herb in the form of a sweet, dairy-free paste.

The main ingredient is Amla fruit, which is packed with vitamin C.

Great for winter months. And it tastes great too...

See what our other favourites from the range are when you visit in store.


Dr Vegan is one of our newer UK ranges.

No fillers or binders , easy to take vegecapsules.

Sustainably packaged.

Together Health

All our Together Health supplements are plant-based and free from fillers and binders. They are presented in a readily absorbable form.

Packaging is compostable.


A. Vogel is an iconic herbal brand offering a wide range of supplements to help a spectrum of ailments.

Most are available in either tincture or tablet forms.


Another iconic brand which has been around for years.

We stock their gluten, dairy & yeast free tonic, suitable from age 3 and upwards.

I have had incredible feedback from this when people feel tired or run down.

Natures Aid

We stock a good range of Nature's Aid supplements which are fairly priced to suit most budgets.

Their Proderma supplement blew me away!

HELIOS Homoepathy

If you use Homeopathic remedies, our range from Helios is UK based & our specific selection is lactose free and suitable for vegans.