About Us

Conscience Foods & Lifestyle was established in May 2018 & moved to its current premises in January 2019.

Why the name?
Because increasing awareness & allowing informed choices on the foods we eat & the lifestyles we lead and how they may impact ourselves, others, animal welfare and the environment we live in, becomes down to our individual choice and conscience.

Preaching good things to people is never going to work. That’s why we try to offer a wide selection of organic, local & plastic-free products to stay healthy & protect our precious environment from more harm. In doing so, we are also protecting our planet for future generations and for our sacred animals & wildlife.

When you shop at Conscience Foods & Lifestyle, you are not only helping us, as a small business with a small team,  but you are also helping other small & local businesses who supply us with some fantastic artisan products.

Because we trade ethically and direct with many of these suppliers, you may pay a little more for some of our products, we know.

But we are confident you will really see the difference in both flavour & quality. And doesn’t it just taste better knowing where it’s come from? We are talking English wines, crusty sourdough bread which takes 48h to ferment, micro-breweries , single origin  honeys, free range & organic eggs,  jams & chutneys, batch-roasted coffee beans, as much locally grown and seasonal fruit & veg as we can get (all organic of course) and a huge selection of food & toiletry refills to reduce single use plastic ... Plus lots more.

We can also offer advice on dietary supplements and if you are wanting to or need to embark on a new diet for whatever reason, our own free-from and vegan lifestyles can help in guiding you through the changes. 

Holistic treatments are now available from experienced and qualified practitioners in our new treatment rooms to complete your wellbeing journey.